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Sleek mid-century bathrooms come to life when adorned with just enough – not too much – embellishment. Two Gemini fixtures and bath hardware with star backplates supply period-authentic panache without overtaking the room.

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Mid-Century Modern Wall Sconce

$240.00 Sale $192.00

Docked together around a mirror or spaced evenly down a hallway, the Gemini creates both wall-washing light and a soft, ambient glow. Based on Prescolite's early 1960s Chandeline series, the Gemini has a clean, minimalist aesthetic that works with both classic postwar and modern design alike. ...


Free_to_ship_bug Saturn + Star Backplate
Saturn + Star Backplate

3 finishes available


Our Saturn Cabinet Knob with Star Backplate preserve the delightful side of your home's personality. Our versatile Mid-Century Modern knobs blend as seamlessly in contemporary kitchens and baths as they do in mid-century homes.


Free_to_ship_bug Huckaback Linen Hand Towel
Huckaback Linen Hand Towel


Huckaback is a folk-weaving style created more than 1,000 years ago. It may have been named for the traveling “hucksters” who sold cloth bearing this design. The huckaback pattern gathers moisture more effectively than a flat weave would, especially when it's rendered in comfortable, durable ...


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