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Folding Hook Rack, 6 Hooks
Folding Hook Rack, 6 Hooks

2 finishes available


The original of this ingenious folding hook rack made its way to our salvage department, and then onto the wall of our web team’s office. After passing – and admiring – the rack every day, our hardware designers knew we had to reproduce it. Ideal for spots where space is tight, the hooks are hin...


Free_to_ship_bug Falcon Enamelware Tumbler
Falcon Enamelware Tumbler


Since the 1920s, Britain's Falcon Enamelware has produced pieces whose modest looks and exceptional durability have made them design icons. Heavyweight steel with a baked-on porcelain coating, these tumblers won't break or burn – do your worst and they'll still look cheery and "colourful," as the...


Free_to_ship_bug Falcon Enamelware Mug
Falcon Enamelware Mug

Pillarbox Red


Since the 1920s, Britain's Falcon Enamelware has produced pieces whose modest looks and exceptional durability have made them design icons (you knew this looked familiar, right?). Heavyweight steel with a baked-on porcelain coating, this mug won't break or burn – do your worst and it'll still loo...


Free_to_ship_bug Home Chic
Home Chic

by India Mahdavi


Whether you need tips on how to jazz up a dull space, disguise low ceilings, or create a gallery wall, this how-to guide will come to your rescue. Full of practical advice, it includes both easy-to-follow do's and don'ts (in a single room, stick to pieces from three decades or less) and a where-t...


Free_to_ship_bug Woolrich Civil War Blanket
Woolrich Civil War Blanket


Established in 1830, Pennsylvania's Woolrich has a history nearly as long as America's. Founder John Rich sold high-quality woolens out of a mule cart at first; his company grew and prospered, weathering the Industrial Revolution, Great Depression, and two World Wars. This blanket pays homage to ...



Industrial Table Lamp


The Clover is the perfect companion: it fits in just about anywhere and has a great story. It's based on vintage work lights that were used in factories, machine shops, and manufacturing plants. That industrial background comes through in a sturdy base, rotary switch, and wire cage that folds ...


Libby Desk Lamp
Libby Desk Lamp

3 finishes available


It's no wonder the Libby has been around for more than a century. The desk lamp, made from spun brass, features a double-jointed arm that can be stretched and angled to the position you prefer. The parabolic shape of the reflector shade directs light downward, creating a bright, focused pool of i...


Burnside Plug-In
Burnside Plug-In

Plug-In Industrial Cord Pendant


About as pared-down as a light gets, our Burnside is based on a utility light designed to get into small spaces. As adaptable and hardworking as the original was, this plug-in version may be even more so, because you can hang it anywhere there's an outlet – no electrician required. If yo...


Free_to_ship_bug Scottie Boot Scrape
Scottie Boot Scrape

Cast Iron


This Scottie Boot Scrape will be your loyal companion, standing at attention by the front door, vigilantly awaiting your return. This little fellow will chase away mud, snow, and debris, scraping it off your shoes before it can sully your clean floors. You can also let Scottie in the house if you...


Dachshund Andirons
Dachshund Andirons

Set of 2


Andirons have long been referred to as "firedogs," presumably for their ability to catch burning sticks and guard hearth and home. So when we came across dachshund andirons from the 1920s, we knew we had the right canines for the job. These pack animals will happily support a load of logs, keepin...


Free_to_ship_bug "Home Brewed" Bottle Opener
"Home Brewed" Bottle Opener

Cast Aluminum


Made from cast aluminum (with the mold number on the back to prove it), this bottle opener is made by an American company that has been manufacturing them since 1925. Once a bottle opener like this would have once been seen in nearly every American drinking establishment, from soda fountain ...


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