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Free_to_ship_bug Hailo Tall Garbage Can - 6.9 Gallon
Hailo Tall Garbage Can - 6.9 Gallon


Modern and practical, our 6.9-gallon Tall Kitchen Garbage Can includes an internal pedal mechanism, a rubber-surfaced metal pedal, a non-slip base ring, a removable galvanized inner bin, and a large non-tip footprint.


Free_to_ship_bug Hailo Short Garbage Can - 3.3 gallon
Hailo Short Garbage Can - 3.3 gallon


Our 3.3-gallon Short Garbage Can features a large footprint for stability, along with quiet lid operation and a carrying handle that protects the wall.


Free_to_ship_bug Hailo Retro Garbage Can - 13 gallon
Hailo Retro Garbage Can - 13 gallon

3 finishes available


Our Retro Garbage Can adds contemporary style to any kitchen while featuring practical carrying handles, a foot rail, and an extra-large flap to allow easy access even when hands are full.


Free_to_ship_bug Hailo Recycling Bin - 8 gallon
Hailo Recycling Bin - 8 gallon


Our Hailo Recycling Bin features a pedal-operated hygenic plastic lid and three interior bins to make rubbish sorting tidier.


Free_to_ship_bug Wire Recycling Bin
Wire Recycling Bin


Our Wire Recycling Bin is safe for food and features handles and wheels.


Free_to_ship_bug Hailo Dual Step Ladder
Hailo Dual Step Ladder


Our unique Hailo Aluminum Step Ladder is a dual-sided stool that offers accessibility from both sides. Made from ultra-light yet durable aluminum, its two steps fold into seven inches for convenient storage.


Free_to_ship_bug Hailo Safety Step Ladder
Hailo Safety Step Ladder


Our Hailo Safety Step Ladder is durable and functional -- and includes a tray to hold tools and supplies. Non-slip feet and treads provide maximum stability.


Free_to_ship_bug Hailo 2-Step Aluminum Step Ladder
Hailo 2-Step Aluminum Step Ladder


Our Hailo 2-Step Aluminum Step Ladder is durable, ultra light, folds to two inches for convenient storage, and includes non-slip feet and treads.


Free_to_ship_bug Utility Shears
Utility Shears


Clipping an article to pass along? Cutting out a sewing pattern? Trimming ribbons for gifts? These all-purpose scissors can handle all these tasks and more. They have a particularly smooth and precise action, and feature a double-plated chrome finish over nickel that is both good looking and l...


Free_to_ship_bug Bonsai Shears
Bonsai Shears


Designed to prune, snip, and maneuver in tight spaces, these short, sturdy shears are preferred by bonsai growers. They're also great help when you need to snip (full-size) herbs or flowers. If you ask us, tools make the world go 'round. That's why we're bringing you some of our favorites...


Free_to_ship_bug Cast Aluminum Orange Press
Cast Aluminum Orange Press


Our Cast Aluminum Orange Press is sturdy, easy to use, and includes suction cups on the bottom to ensure stability.


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