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While we love preserving the best of the past, we think a lot about the future, too, and the importance of energy-efficient options for lighting. Thanks to LED bulbs, that future just got brighter. As if their incredible energy efficiency wasn't enough — we're talking 25,000 hours here — their warm glow and petite size make them an excellent choice for our bulb-baring fixtures. Plus, they're mercury-free. Show off your commitment to the past and the future today.

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8W EnduraLED Bulb
8W EnduraLED Bulb

Standard Base


This petite 8W LED bulb is an excellent choice if you're looking for fixtures made to "show the bulb" but you also want to show your commitment to energy efficiency. With their warm white color, smooth dimming action, and long life, you won't miss incandescent bulbs - especially with energy sav...


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This petite 8W LED bulb is an excellent ...
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