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1 7/8" Fitter

Glass "Slip" or "Slipper" Shades get their name from the way they slip onto sleek Streamline lighting styles of the 1930s through the 1950s. Befitting the elegance of the Glide fixtures they serve, glass Slip Shades are engineered for simplicity: only gravity and light bulbs secure them. Slip Shade fixtures cast soft light downward and direct brighter light upward. The lighter the ceiling color, and the shorter the fixture length, the more intense this upward light appears. Dimmer Switches let you adjust the light to your setting.

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Streamline Nu-Gold Slip Shade
Streamline Nu-Gold Slip Shade

Was $32.99

$21.99 $17.59

This shade is made from two glass layers: gold on the outside, and white on the inside. When lit, it casts a warm glow into the room, and directs "white" light upwards. Try it on the Glide, a Streamline "slip-shade" fixture. **Tips**: Small, low-watt appliance bulbs like the 25W A15 Clear Bul...


Streamline Satin Etched Concentric Slip Shade
Streamline Satin Etched Concentric Slip Shade

2 finishes available


This pressed, Satin Etch colored glass shade allows the Glide to coordinate with the Streamline 14" Concentric Bowl Shade and Streamline 16" Concentric Bowl Shade, as seen on the Lyle and Pembrook. * Items ending in $0.99 are final sale Tips: Small, low-watt appliance bulbs like the 25W A15...


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