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Free_to_ship_bug 2' x 3' Indigo Ticking Stripe Rug
2' x 3' Indigo Ticking Stripe Rug

100% Cotton


The pattern on this rug has its origins in bed: back when mattresses were stuffed with feathers or straw, a heavy fabric covering – or tick – kept any poky materials safely contained. Originally, that covering always had indigo stripes, hence the term "ticking stripe." While this rug's 100%-cotto...


Free_to_ship_bug 2' x 3' Boardwalk Rug
2' x 3' Boardwalk Rug

Indoor/Outdoor | Was $45


If we let our imaginations run amok, we might say the ivory and platinum stripes on this handwoven rug will make you feel like you're strolling down a boardwalk. If we stuck to the facts, we'd say it's reversible for double the wear, and mold- and mildew-resistant for use inside or out.


Free_to_ship_bug 2' x 3' Lake House Stripe Rug
2' x 3' Lake House Stripe Rug



With its sand-colored stripes, this rug has a beachy air. Wriggle your toes into its soft nap, and you may swear you can feel a salty breeze and hear seagulls overhead…Or just take it to the beach – it's indoor/outdoor, so it can go anywhere.


Massinissa Handknotted Rug
Massinissa Handknotted Rug

2 options available


Thickly piled and lavishly comfortable, this handknotted rug is a real treat for the feet. It's inspired by the traditional textiles woven in the mountainous regions of Morocco, where plush carpets provide necessary insulation from the elements. Even if you live at sea level, the quiet geometric ...


Free_to_ship_bug Pendleton Chimayo Jacquard Pillow
Pendleton Chimayo Jacquard Pillow

Merino Wool Face


This colorful pillow that pays homage to the weavers of Chimayo, New Mexico, who carry on a centuries-old design tradition. Chimayo patterns typically incorporate Navajo and Spanish motifs of stripes and triangles, as well as bold southwestern hues. Founded in Pendleton, Oregon, Pendleton began...


Free_to_ship_bug Zinc Chevron Pillow
Zinc Chevron Pillow

Was $219


Occasionally, fashion magazines include articles about how to take an outfit from a day look to an evening look. This handmade pillow effects the same magical transformation (without the jewelry or makeup that's usually involved). On one side, it features a raised chevron pattern in a warm, flann...


Free_to_ship_bug Woolrich Civil War Blanket
Woolrich Civil War Blanket


Established in 1830, Pennsylvania's Woolrich has a history nearly as long as America's. Founder John Rich sold high-quality woolens out of a mule cart at first; his company grew and prospered, weathering the Industrial Revolution, Great Depression, and two World Wars. This blanket pays homage to ...


Free_to_ship_bug Glacier National Park Throw
Glacier National Park Throw


Our Glacier National Park Throw, made by Pendleton Woolen Mills, offers a touch of cozy charm.


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With its sand colored stripes, this rug has ...

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