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Bandon Porch

Create a porch that attracts creatures off all sorts to alight. A bit of shine always catches the eye; here, the wall sconce, mailbox, and door set share a Polished Nickel finish that gleams brightly against the white siding and black door. A butterfly door knocker, poised to receive any visitors who flutter by, makes this landing a truly lovely specimen.

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Columbia Large Single Sconce
Columbia Large Single Sconce

Large Arts & Crafts Lantern Wall Sconce


This large, early 1900s Arts & Crafts light offers a warm welcome for guests on blustery evenings and starry nights alike. The Columbia Large Single Sconce is one of our most substantial lanterns, and needs a suitably generous space on Colonial Revival, Arts & Crafts, and contemporary hom...


Free_to_ship_bug Butterfly Door Knocker
Butterfly Door Knocker

available in 3 finishes


With battered wings and color dimmed by time, the original of this knocker fluttered into our salvage yard. Undeterred by its ragged condition, we knew we could reproduce this winged wonder in all its glory – and we did. Solid brass in your choice of finish, it will alight on your door to delight...


Coleman Octagonal Crystal Knob Exterior Door Set
Coleman Octagonal Crystal Knob Exterior Door Set

Classic Octagon Crystal Knob Entry Set


Rustic yet refined, the Coleman was used on many Craftsman and Colonial Revival interiors from 1900 well into the '30s. The crystal knob is a simple yet beautiful design that adds vintage charm to houses old and new A door set's ability to open smoothly, lock snugly, and keep working are detai...


Free_to_ship_bug Coir Doormat
Coir Doormat


Coir, from which this mat is made, is extracted from coconut husks. This durable, water-resistant material has been in use since at least the 11th century, when ancient mariners traveled the seas with coir ropes and rigging. * Made from natural coir