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Free_to_ship_bug Satin Nickel Outdoor Dial Thermometer
Satin Nickel Outdoor Dial Thermometer

$49.00 $39.20

Our Satin Nickel Outdoor Dial Thermometer is scaled both in Fahrenheit and Celsius -- and ranges from -40F to 120F. * Anodized aluminum, glass * Includes reversible mounting arm and bracket, mounting hardware, screws * Imported


Free_to_ship_bug Satin Nickel Grande View Thermometer
Satin Nickel Grande View Thermometer

Was $69

$44.99 $35.99

Our Satin Nickel Grande View Thermometer measures both Farenheit and Celsius. * Anodized aluminum, glass * Will not rust, fade, or flake * Imported


Free_to_ship_bug Satin Nickel Rain Gauge
Satin Nickel Rain Gauge

Was $29

$20.99 $16.79

Our dual-purpose Satin Nickel Rain Gauge accurately measures rain or watering in inches or millimeters and can be mounted to a wall or staked into the ground. * Aluminum * Imported


Free_to_ship_bug Glass-Bulb Thermometer
Glass-Bulb Thermometer

$39.00 $31.20

This is the traditional Glass-Bulb Thermometer we've all grown up with, encased in a protective glass cylinder. However, our version has no mercury, as it operates with mineral spirits. And because this thermometer is constructed from solid brass, it won't peel, chip, or rust, no matter what kind...


Free_to_ship_bug Antique Brass Thermometer
Antique Brass Thermometer

$74.00 $59.20

While this looks like a thermometer you might've seen out the back window of many a home in the 1900s, it wears two peaked finials that give it an ever-so-slight exoticism. Aethetically pleasing as this thermometer is, large numerals ensure it's easy to read, too: they're half an inch tall, wh...


Free_to_ship_bug Brass Portable Weather Station
Brass Portable Weather Station

$59.00 $47.20

Our Brass Portable Weather Station measures temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius, along with humidity. It's mounted on a cast solid-brass base to ensure stability and portability, and the antique copper finish features a rich, dark patina. * Cast solid-brass base, glass * Imported


Free_to_ship_bug Round Thermometer
Round Thermometer

Bimetallic Strip

$54.00 $43.20

Our round thermometer gauges the temperature with one long strip of two coiled metals, which reacts quickly to the environment and adjusts the pointer. Large numbers and a swiveling arm ensure its readability, no matter how heavily the rain or snow may be falling. We believe the outside of your ...


Free_to_ship_bug Outdoor Weather Station
Outdoor Weather Station

$74.00 $59.20

With this Weather Station, it's not just the heat – it's the humidity. In one glance, you can check the temperature and the humidity at the same time. And thanks to large numbers and a swiveling arm, you won't have to squint to see the readings as you plan the day's activities and outfits. We be...