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Free_to_ship_bug Remodelista

By Julie Carson with the editors of Remodelista


You may be familiar with the extraordinarily popular blog called Remodelista. From DIY projects to trend alerts, new products to timeless interiors, the site features the best of design. But as blog pages come and go, the editors culled the best of the best for this manual. In addition to all the...


Free_to_ship_bug Industrial Chic
Industrial Chic

by Brigitte Durieux and Laziz Hamani


From the factory floor, industrial design has migrated into our homes over the past century. But what defines "industrial" anyway? Expert Brigitte Durieux selects 50 American and European pieces that embody the style and relays their history by way of an answer. From basic metal chairs created fo...


Free_to_ship_bug Home Chic
Home Chic

by India Mahdavi


Whether you need tips on how to jazz up a dull space, disguise low ceilings, or create a gallery wall, this how-to guide will come to your rescue. Full of practical advice, it includes both easy-to-follow do's and don'ts (in a single room, stick to pieces from three decades or less) and a where-t...


Free_to_ship_bug Decorate

by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick


The subtitle says it all: professional designers, stylists, and photographers share their wisdom about planning, configuring, and furnishing all kinds of rooms. You'll learn how to work with what you have, whether you live in a compact studio or sprawling ranch, and how to establish and enhance y...


Free_to_ship_bug Atomic Ranch
Atomic Ranch

by Michelle Gringeri-Brown


If (like us), you can't seem to get enough of mid-century style, consider blocking out a big swath of time on your schedule for poring over this book. In their paean to the post-war home, writer Michelle Gringeri-Brown and photographer Jim Brown (founders of Atomic Ranch magazine) share the stori...


Free_to_ship_bug Happy Home
Happy Home

by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau


Your home should make you feel good – that's the inarguable idea behind this book. Charlotte Hedemen Gueniau operates Rice, an ethical housewares company in Denmark, so she's a master of clean, cheerful, contemporary Scandi style. Instead of trotting out aspirational dream home after aspirational...


Free_to_ship_bug Brown Booze
Brown Booze

by Michael Butt


First, stock your liquor cabinet with whiskey, bourbon, dark rum, tequila, and brandy. Second, purchase this book. Third, happily work your way through the 75 recipes (not all at once, however). Author Michael Butt explains how each brown liquor marries with other grocery-store ingredients to pro...


Free_to_ship_bug The Drunken Botanist
The Drunken Botanist

by Amy Stewart


Gin is distilled with juniper berries, sake begins with rice – the relationship between booze and botany is a long and fascinating one. In a book that blends science, history, etymology, and mixology, author Amy Stewart takes a look at some of the weirdest, oldest, and rarest ingredients that go ...


Free_to_ship_bug The Kinfolk Table
The Kinfolk Table

by Nathan Williams


When Kinfolk magazine first came out in 2011, it instantly gained cult status for its earthy-but-elegant aesthetic and inspired-but-unfussy entertaining ideas. More a collection of stories than a collection of recipes, this book profiles 45 influential artisans, bloggers, writers, and crafters – ...


Free_to_ship_bug Home Made
Home Made

by Yvette Van Boven


Many of us love the idea of cooking every meal from scratch, but lack the time or ability to do it. Yvette van Boven (who penned her first cookbook at age four) starts each chapter of this winsome book with a basic recipe designed to overcome any doubts you may have. She also tackles more complic...


Free_to_ship_bug Heirloom Modern
Heirloom Modern

by Hollister Hovey


To Hollister Hovey (and to us, for that matter), pieces with age, wear, and even a little weirdness shouldn't be consigned to the attic; they give our homes personality and intrigue. Photographs (taken by Hollister's sister Porter) of real homes offer moving testimony to the artful use of keepsak...


Free_to_ship_bug The Homebrew Handbook
The Homebrew Handbook


The Homebrew Handbook, authored by Dave Law, offers beer enthusiasts the knowledge to make their own beer at home. It's packed full of 75 recipes -- from stouts to porters to IPAs.


Free_to_ship_bug Lodge Cast-Iron Cookbook
Lodge Cast-Iron Cookbook


The Lodge Cast-Iron Cookbook, authored by Pam Hoenig, lives up to its subtitle: A Treasury of Timeless, Delicious Recipes. Lodge was founded in 1896 in Pittsburg, Tennessee, by Joseph Lodge, who created a legacy of cast-iron items that survived two world wars and the Great Depression. Lodge is s...


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