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Free_to_ship_bug 2' x 3' Lake House Stripe Rug
2' x 3' Lake House Stripe Rug



With its sand-colored stripes, this rug has a beachy air. Wriggle your toes into its soft nap, and you may swear you can feel a salty breeze and hear seagulls overhead…Or just take it to the beach – it's indoor/outdoor, so it can go anywhere.


Free_to_ship_bug 2' x 3' Boardwalk Rug
2' x 3' Boardwalk Rug

Indoor/Outdoor | Was $45


If we let our imaginations run amok, we might say the ivory and platinum stripes on this handwoven rug will make you feel like you're strolling down a boardwalk. If we stuck to the facts, we'd say it's reversible for double the wear, and mold- and mildew-resistant for use inside or out.


Free_to_ship_bug 2' x 3' Indigo Ticking Stripe Rug
2' x 3' Indigo Ticking Stripe Rug

100% Cotton


The pattern on this rug has its origins in bed: back when mattresses were stuffed with feathers or straw, a heavy fabric covering – or tick – kept any poky materials safely contained. Originally, that covering always had indigo stripes, hence the term "ticking stripe." While this rug's 100%-cotto...


Free_to_ship_bug Nonslip Rug Pad
Nonslip Rug Pad

6 options available


Keep rugs (and yourself!) from slipping around with this super-grip rug pad. Not only will it protect you from any spills, it has a PVC coating to protect itself from spills, too. Even better, rug pads preserve fine flooring – every time you step on a rug without a cushion underneath, it causes f...


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With its sand colored stripes, this rug has ...

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