12in. Art Deco Stepped Opal Shade

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"Art Deco" is likely to conjure up different images for different folks. Here are a few which make us smile:

  • Elegant, sleek furniture in black lacquer and layered geometric designs.
  • Fritz Lang's murky, hallucinatory, visionary masterpiece Metropolis.
  • The Roaring Twenties, with bathtub gin, wild parties, and an "exhilarating" cola drink with a special ingredient.

But you, presumably, are here for lighting. This Art Deco shade is a reproduction of one of many modern designs popular in 1920s America. Try it on Streamline, Classic, and Art Deco style fixtures in large communal rooms.

This Streamline shade, as seen on the Manning, is made of fluted spun brass with a convex or "slumped" glass bottom. Reproduced from a 1930's Montgomery Ward catalogue, this shade lends strong Art Deco styling to any space that includes center-post lighting.

The shallow brass and glass design casts just a little light downward; most of your light will be reflected off of the ceiling – we call that indirect lighting. Light-colored ceilings (no pun intended) maximize indirect light.

Price $105.00


Product Specifications

Diameter 11-7/8"
Fitter Outside Diameter 6"
Height 9"
Installed Shade Height 8-5/8"

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