Closet Door Ball Catch

Brass, 7 finishes

Item #C1498

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Our Closet Door Ball Catch is used on doors opened simply by pulling or pushing. When the door is closed, a spring pushes a brass ball into the jamb's notched strike.

Locks, latches, bolts, strikes, and catches are all integral period door hardware parts, but they often wear out after generations of use. Ours are well-made and sturdy enough to help your doors open and close for many more generations.

Tips: The ball catch is 1in. wide and requires a door at least 1in. thick; ball catches are typically used with Dummy Spindles.

Includes two sizes of strikes for use with different types of door jambs. Definitions of the products in this collection can be found in the Hardware Glossary. If you need several parts, you may want to consider a full Interior or Exterior Door Set.

Price $19.00


Product Specifications

Center to Center 1-1/2"
Center to Center 1-1/2"
Height 2-1/8"
Height 2-1/4"
Height 2-1/8"
Projection 1-1/4"
Width 1"
Width 1-1/8"
Width 1-3/8"

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