Quake Hold Museum Putty

Item #E0107


We all have things we would rather remain untoppled by seismic, juvenile, and feline forces. A piece of Quake Hold and a firm press will keep your treasures wobble-resistant (as many museums and antiques dealers can attest). Removal is as easy as twisting it free. Your furniture is left unharmed, and the Quake Hold can be reused to secure another imperiled piece.

Our collection of lotions, potions, supplies, and sundries will help you lead a life of well-organized, good-looking, and sweet-smelling domestic bliss.

Price as shown: $8.00



  • 2.64 oz
  • One packet will secure up to 40 items of average size
  • Nontoxic


Use small balls or strips.

Will be visible if used to secure clear items.

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