Polychrome Scallop & Bead Beam Light w/Exposed Bulb, c1925

Item #R0804


Gilt polychrome finishes and exposed globe bulbs were widely popular lighting choices during the 1920s. So was a style that freely mixed Colonial, Classical and just vaguely historical decorative details for a simple traditional look that suited the countless Revival-type houses of the decade. Beam lights were compact, single-bulb fixtures meant for smaller rooms like hallways, stairwells, pantries, and even bedrooms. All of this period background still holds true today - or you can just love it for what it is, a cute little piece of history.

Finish: Antique Gilt with hand-painted details.

  • Length 5"
  • Diameter 4-1/2"
  • Canopy Diameter 5"
  • Sockets 1 60W
  • Other: Length measured without bulb.

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