Gilt Charioteer Radio Lamp w/Green "Brain" Shade, c1930

Item #R1117


What a Roman charioteer would be doing galloping across the top of a radio cabinet we couldn't say, but this fellow may have been doing just that for decades before he found his way to us. Popular from the late 1920s through the Depression, cast white metal radio lamps like this were the mantel clocks of their era - stylish focal points positioned for maximum visual impact at the center of home and hearth. Many featured intricate tinted globes, and the "brain" shade here is one of the most famous.

There is another vintage version of this lamp out there that looks remarkably similar, but is of much poorer casting quality.

Finish: Original.

  • Height 13"
  • Length 12"
  • Width 3-1/4"
  • Sockets (1) 25W

Price $375.00

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