Extremely Rare Original Holophane Arc Pendant by Benjamin, c1908

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Something of the holy grail for Holophane fans, this pendant has no less than six prismatic shades, all intact. You do the math: 6 fragile glass shades x 105 years = nearly infinite opportunities for breakage. Which, somehow, this light avoided. (Well done, light!)

The shades (did we mention there are six of them?!) were manufactured by Holophane, the most famous maker of prismatic glass shades. Pretty as they are, prismatic shades were designed according to scientific principles, with each prism adjoining the next at the precise angle that reflects the most light (a true help when the only bulbs were quite dim). Imagine, then, the effect of light-amplifying shades amplified by a large arc shade above them!

Now, while the shades are marvelous, they would be nowhere without the pendant. Manufactured by Benjamin Electric Manufacturing Company, which patented the cluster socket design in 1901, it features a chain newly finished in black enamel and the original polished nickel cluster and socket holders.

Price $3,200.00

This product is not available for sale.

Product Specifications

  • Finish: New black enamel with original polished Nickel
  • Length:34"
  • Diameter: 19"
  • Canopy Diameter: 5"
  • Sockets: (6) 60W
  • Fitter Size: 2-1/4"


  • Notes: Socket extenders are included to ensure that bulbs will connect to sockets
  • Historical Style: Industrial

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