Plug-In Pendant with Perforated Ceramic Flower Shade, c1970

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Yes, perforated ceramic shades are extremely hot right now, but guess what, kids, it's not their first time around. Show you're clued in to the ceramic scene of the 1960s and '70s with this stoneware pendant. The orange-peel texture of its glaze is indicative of the salt glazes used by American studio potters of that time, and the orange hue is a result of using iron oxide. No worries if you need to have the kind of lights that can be moved from here to there, this one sports a swaggable 10' cord that plugs into the wall.

It's always fun to eclectically mix and match styles, but something about this light suggests it would be set a cozy scene illuminating a fern hanging in a macramé plant hanger…

Price $300.00

This product is not available for sale.

Product Specifications

  • Finish: Original
  • Length: 10'
  • Diameter: 15"
  • Sockets: (1) 60W


  • Notes: lead wire and chain measure 10 feet and plugs in to the wall.

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