Clear Scalloped Reflector Shade

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This functional, flirtatious shade pairs well with many of our fixtures and works great to showcase an artful Plumen compact fluorescent bulb or carbon filament bulb. Its design is striking when lit or unlit.

Back when bulbs were dim, these large, reflective shades got light where it was needed: over the work. Because the main goal was utility, not beauty, the skirt-like whimsy of the scalloped shade is a surprising, and special, detail. This particular shade first caught our eye in an 1893 GE catalogue. People said it couldn't be reproduced affordably, since materials and processes have changed, but a U.S. glass manufacturer with three generations of expertise put a new spin on an old technique and voila, it's here again. The same process that creates this shape also creates the dome and flat shades, just in different stages.

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Price $40.99


Product Specifications

Diameter 11-3/4"
Height 2-1/2"
Installed Shade Height 2-1/8"


  • Shade diameter is approximately 12”. Please note that because each shade is handcrafted, diameters vary slightly.
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