Trimmed Push-Button Three-Way Dimmer Switch


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Use this switch when you want to control a light from more than one spot in your home (like the top and bottom of a staircase). It features heavy-duty construction and two buttons with authentic mother-of-pearl-style inlays. The top button acts as the on/off, while the bottom button rotates to adjust the light level.

Push-button switches were installed in homes as early as 1891, and were the most popular type of switch through the 1920s. Though they were eventually phased out by the toggle switch in 1950s, there has been a resurgence of interest in using push buttons again.

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Product Specifications

Depth 2-1/8"
Height 4-1/8"
Width 1-3/4"


  • 120 volts/300 watts
  • Two of these switches will fit side by side in a junction box; however, to facilitate heat dissipation, reduce the wattage to 200
  • These switches can be used with compact fluorescent and LED bulbs if those bulbs have dimmer functionality
  • You can control the lights on a fan fixture with these switches, but not the fan speed
  • Complete the look with heavy-duty forged-brass Lewis Switchplates
  • Imported

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