Salvage Shearing-Machine Coffee Table

Vintage Niagara Metal Shear Deck with Oregon Black Walnut Ends

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We don’t like to waste anything around here, so when we created a buffet with the side panels of a vintage Niagara metal-shearing machine, we wanted to come up with a use for the deck from the shear. We decided to add thick slabs of Oregon black walnut to the ends to create a coffee table with real heft and bravado (it also takes some real heft and bravado to move this guy, we'll caution you). The patina on the top of the iron deck exemplifies the lovely alchemy wrought by years and years of heavy daily use.

Our one-of-a-kind salvage furniture is constructed in our Portland workshop from found industrial machinery and reclaimed wood from Oregon. We select from vintage i-beam trestles, machine parts, and even streetlamps for the bases, and then scour our selection of reclaimed wood slabs to craft the tops. In most cases, this wood is from deadfall or "scrap" trees that would otherwise be pulped or chipped; in others, the wood is salvaged from old beams. When designing these pieces, we choose and place each piece of wood to best feature its natural characteristics – eccentricities of grain, high figure, burl bark intrusions, and the like. To preserve the open grain of the wood, we use a 100% vegetal food-safe nontoxic finish; steel and iron components are sealed with a layer of wax to preserve their natural patina.

Price $2,200.00

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Product Specifications

Height 17"
Length 55"
Width 15"


  • Wood surfaces treated with food-safe nontoxic finish
  • White glove delivery

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