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Contact: Alison Seibert, LANE

Classic Schoolhouse Style Shades: New Colors and Patterns

Rejuvenation Introduces Nine New Stripe Colors for Several Glass Shades

PORTLAND, Ore. February 3, 2009 - Schoolhouse lights and shades are an enduring style, well suited to nearly any setting. Because the shade makes a huge impact on the overall look of the fixture, Rejuvenation is excited to update the color choices and stripe patterns on these classic designs. Nearly 25 shades in the collection have been updated with new colors, a range of neutrals, and our exclusive new metallic stripes.

The shade is a perfect place to add a subtle pop of color to a room. The new colors: Blue Plate, Red Pepper, Butter, and Celery- are lively when unlit; soft and gentle when the light is on. Coffee, Black and Eggshell add compelling detail in settings where a more neutral palette is called for. Sparkling metallic stripes of Silver or Copper offer extra shine. They're brilliant when the lights are off, with a bold linear definition when lit.

Rejuvenation sought out skilled artisans from a West Virginia glass factory to match the hand crafted quality of their lighting. These exceptional reproduction shades are crafted using processes that are virtually a lost art today. Original molds and materials are used as each shade is blown in antique cast-iron molds and hand painted, just as they were decades ago.

Tim Wetzel, Rejuvenation's Industrial Designer notes, "Our new painted shades provide a more restrained application of color with a range of subtlety and boldness. The new collection will make these shades more useful as a complementary component in a decorating scheme. For higher drama, the new metallic striped shades add some eye-catching sparkle that mates beautifully with the metal finishes of our schoolhouse fixtures."

These schoolhouse shades are made exclusively from Opal glass, as they were in the 1920s when light bulb technology advanced from carbon filament to tungsten bulbs. Tungsten offered a brighter quality of light, but the naked bulbs generated a harsh glare. Opal glass shades were the perfect solution to soften the newly available candlepower. They distribute light evenly, without detracting from the quality of light. The result is a beautiful and functional light, suitable for any room in the home or a variety of commercial settings.

Painted shades are available in various sizes and shapes.

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About Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation was founded in 1977 with a passion for old houses and buildings. Today, it is America's largest manufacturer and leading direct marketer of classic American lighting and house parts. Inspired by history, period-authenticity and customer creativity, Rejuvenation's diverse line spans the 1870s to 1960s. Collections include: Victorian, Period Basics, Classical Revival, Old World, Arts & Crafts, Colonial Revival, Mid-Century Modern and Deco. Homeowners can stay true to their home's era, and also have the flexibility to mix-and-match styles to create more personalized and eclectic environments.

The company donates ten percent of its after-tax profits to non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental conservation, historic preservation, the arts, and equal-access housing. Products are sold through the company's catalogue, retail stores in Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash, and website.


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