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Contact: Alison Seibert, LANE

Rejuvenation’s New Offerings Highlight Industrial’s Softer Side

Mirrored Shades, Small Metal Shades, Glass Reflector Shades and Netting Enclosed Globes

PORTLAND, Ore. January 10, 2011–
Once purely functional, now pure fun, industrial lighting is still the rage, but this season its look has evolved. As industry grew after the Civil War, so too did the need to illuminate the factories and work spaces of laborers and craftspeople. At that time lighting was developed for simply to illuminate a space, using reflective shades to amplify the dim light cast from gas, oil and early electric bulbs. Another functional element found on glass shades was wire or mesh netting, encasing the glass globes to protect workers from broken glass. These once mandatory features now add a layer of visual texture and color to the otherwise simple forms of our favorite raw industrial beauties.

Mirrored Menlo

In the late1800s, lighting fixtures started appearing with mirrors built into the shades to enhance weak sources of light. Partner those mirrored shades with “cluster” fixtures, like Rejuvenation’s Menlo, and you’ve got a unique pendant that casts a warm kaleidoscope of light. They were most commonly used in larger commercial or institutional spaces, and were especially popular in churches, but today the mirrored shades reflect well on homes, restaurants and numerous other unexpected spaces. 18” Mirrored Shade: $190 High resolution images available:

Spot On Steel Shades

Metal shades were also used to reflect and direct light onto a specific work space and these small, colorful steel shades are perfect for just that. Think of them as the original spotlight: its shape makes the light shine right where you want it. Rejuvenation turned to an automotive company to create five high gloss, high-octane enamels; authentic right down to the black rim. Red, Black, Green, White, Black or Blue Shade: $45 High resolution images:

Hood with Netting

The popular Hood has a new look: it’s wire net, seen in the 1908 Western Electric catalogue, was originally designed to catch the glass of a broken light – an important feature in high-traffic work areas – and now provides period authenticity and texture. The Hood’s netting only fits the mid-sized globe, a versatile and straightforward design classic. Its Opal glass diffuses light, and works great to soften the light of an incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb. 14” Shade with net $133 (Opal) High resolution images:

Introducing Color to Glass Reflector Shades

Glass reflector shades add a functionally flirtatious touch to the otherwise bare-bones industrial lights. Finding originals of these designs can be a combination of luck and lots of research, and if you do find them, they can be very expensive. Locating multiples of the originals can be a near impossible feat. Recognizing the appeal of the shades, Rejuvenation set out to make them available to more people. The result: three hand-crafted, affordable alternatives to the rare and costly originals, a 7” domed shade ($35), 12” flat reflector shade ($40), and 12” scalloped ($45) reflector shade. Now Rejuvenation offers them in a variety of colors: yellow or blue and opal, clear & etched glass High resolution images:

About Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation is built on a passionate love affair with history, architecture and bringing back the best lighting and house parts ever made. We obsess over the details of period authenticity and great design like no one else. Collections include: Victorian, Period Basics, Classical Revival, Old World, Arts & Crafts, Colonial Revival, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial and Deco. Products are sold through the company’s catalogue, retail stores in Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash, and website


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