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Contact: Alison Seibert, LANE

Taking a Cue from History: Rejuvenation Introduces Blue Pointe & North Billiard Fixtures

These fixtures convey camaraderie and ease, qualities welcome during a good meal or a good game.

PORTLAND, Ore. April 18, 2011 –
Rejuvenation’s Blue Pointe and North are based on classic billiard fixtures made between 1900 and 1910, a time the game of billiards was all the rage and Victorian ornate was giving way to the less decorative styles of the early 20th century, such as Arts & Crafts and Colonial Revival. Today their functional yet graceful forms illuminate so much more than billiard tables.

"We weren’t looking for billiard lights when we stumbled upon this fixture, but as soon as saw it we knew the look was perfect," says lighting product manager Tony Penca. "Its simple and refined details complement its utilitarian style." Billiard lights are another example of industrial form following function. Properly lighting a billiard table required a light with a long and narrow spread and even distribution of strong light downward. This made billiard light designs unique and worth separate attention from designers, which also makes originals a special find for collectors today.

Blue Pointe has six parabolic clamshell-shades to direct light evenly over large flat surfaces. The oversized shades enhance the impressive dimensions of this fixture: at 65" wide by 32" deep, it will hold its own in spacious rooms. North is a slightly smaller version at 60" wide by 32" deep. Both Blue Pointe and North are made to order from solid brass parts and hand-finished in one of twelve finish options. It can be further customized by choosing one of five glossy enameled shade colors: cobalt blue, green, tomato, white or black.

These fixtures bring presence, scale, and functionality to the proper space. Naturally, either would make a great light for a game table, but they also offer a new take on kitchen island or dining table lighting, and would be quite striking in commercial settings like bars, restaurants, conference rooms, and retail stores.

To view high resolution images of Blue Pointe and North:

  • Blue Pointe price with six shades is $1,800
  • North price with four shades is $1,400

About Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation was founded in 1977 with a passion for old houses and buildings. Inspired by history, period-authenticity and customer creativity, Rejuvenation’s diverse line spans the 1870s to 1960s. Collections include: Victorian, Period Basics, Classical Revival, Old World, Arts & Crafts, Colonial Revival, Mid-Century Modern and Deco. Products are sold through the company’s catalogue, retail stores in Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash, and website


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