Art Glass

5 Choices - Romantically Warm to Clean and Functional

Developed and popularized by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 1880s, art glass is still produced the same way as in Tiffany's day - by hand rolling translucent layers of molten colored glass together into sheets. Art glass when lit is radiant and atmospheric, lending a warm, intimate glow to any fixture.

  • Caramel & White Art Glass
    Caramel & White Art Glass was common in old fixtures, mixing rich amber browns with lighter ivory tones and a textured surface to create a warm and rustic appearance.
  • Gold-White Art Glass
    Gold-White (Iridescent) Art Glass is a more translucent gold-white glass that includes subtle wisps of pink and blue, and is enhanced with a beautiful iridescent surface treatment.
  • Brown & Caramel Art Glass
    Brown & Caramel Art Glass mixes deep brown and creamy ivory with subtle purple and olive tones in a stunning and varied glass that possesses bold character when lit.
  • Plain Frosted Art Glass
    Plain Frosted Glass is clear glass that has been lightly sandblasted to create a soft etched appearance that lets through plenty of light and offers a more clean and functional look.
  • Mica
    Mica is made by layering flakes of natural mica in an orange-shellac binder to create a richly organic amber sheet material that makes a warm and dramatic statement.

Note: Heat can soften and bend mica, so lower maximum wattages may apply. Also, we recommend mica for interior installations only. Our Customer Service staff is happy to answer questions.