1 | Plan Your Space

The first thing you’ll need to do is measure your space to create a basic floorplan—it can be as easy as sketching a rough outline of your space. Make sure to account for doors, windows, and walkways—and don’t forget to include any structural features that could affect how your cabinets are installed, like posts, steps, or soffits. Finally, make sure to confirm that you’ve considered the size of any new appliances.

2 | Add Lighting

No matter what size kitchen you have, good lighting is always important. Make sure your space is adequately illuminated with multiple layers of light. Start with a beautiful source of overhead light to brighten your entire room, then add support lighting around your kitchen to highlight the specific tasks that you perform most. From multiple pendants above your kitchen island to wall lighting to brighten dark corners, consider the overall size and scale of your space to determine how much light you need—and if you require multiples.

Trask hero
Trask hero

“It’s important to have multiple layers of lighting, to both create ambiance and to functionally illuminate specific zones.”


3 | Choose Your Style & Color

When you choose to install new kitchen cabinets, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is on the style and color of the fronts. If you’re all about simplicity, slab cabinets may be your top pick. These flat-front doors provide a streamlined look that makes them great options for industrial lofts and Mid-Century homes alike, plus the design is easy to care for. Shaker cabinets are another popular option that transcends design trends for a timeless look. Order samples for all the cabinet front styles you’re considering to help visualize how they will look and feel in your space.

2nd quote
2nd quote

4 | Add the Finishing Touches

Hardware is like jewelry for your home—and the knobs and pulls you choose for your cabinets can make a considerable difference on how the entire space looks.

Start with cabinet hardware in styles and finishes that complement your kitchen. For more traditional spaces, we recommend our bestselling Ball Cabinet Knob and Massey Drawer Pull, while in more modern kitchens try our Bowman Drawer Pull or Sommerville Cabinet Knob. If you prefer a more eclectic look, mixing knobs and pulls creates visual interest—try pulls on drawers and knobs on doors.

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