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Foundational Neutrals

  • Greek Villa
    SW 7551

  • Rhinestone
    SW 7656

  • Silvermist
    SW 7621

  • Rosemary
    SW 6187

  • Still Water
    SW 6223

  • Homburg Gray
    SW 7622

  • Iron Ore
    SW 7069

  • Dark Night
    SW 6237

  • Dard Hunter Green
    SW 0041

Seasonal Statements

  • Classic Ivory
    SW 0051

  • Pinky Beige
    SW 0079

  • Khaki Shade
    SW 7533

  • Buckram Binding
    SW 0036

  • Red Cent
    SW 6341

  • Mulberry Silk
    SW 0001

  • Empire Gold
    SW 0012

  • Sierra Redwood
    SW 7598

  • Carnelian
    SW 7580

In the 19th century, archivists gathered inspiration from nature to document colors. Inspired by these historical hues, our team curated a new palette of colors made to pair with our latest designs.

palette of colors

SW 7580

Add Dimension

Make A Statement

The deep, rich tones of Carnelian will make a statement in any space; pair with colorful decor like our flatweave rugs to showcase your personality.

Dard Hunter Green
SW 0041

Create Contrast

Add Dimension

Bring depth and character to your space with Dard Hunter Green, which provides an ideal backdrop for our aged brass lighting and oak wood stools.

Homburg Gray
SW 7622

Pair Neutrals

Pair Neutrals

A classic dark gray with cool undertones, Homburg Gray creates the perfect blank canvas to pair with our industrial-inspired lighting and stools.