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Foundational Neutrals

  • Reflective White
    SW 7757

  • Greek Villa
    SW 7551

  • Canvas Tan
    SW 7531

  • Rhinestone
    SW 7656

  • Amazing Gray
    SW 7044

  • Fawn Brindle
    SW 7640

  • Suitable Brown
    SW 7054

  • Iron Ore
    SW 7069

  • Greenblack
    SW 6994

Seasonal Statements

  • Whole Wheat
    SW 6121

  • Khaki Shade
    SW 7533

  • Pinky Beige
    SW 0079

  • Chatroom
    SW 6171

  • Retreat
    SW 6207

  • Mulberry Silk
    SW 0001

  • Dark Night
    SW 6237

  • Still Water
    SW 6223

  • Sierra Redwood
    SW 7598

In the 19th century, archivists gathered inspiration from nature to document colors. Inspired by these historical hues, our team curated a new palette of colors made to pair with our latest designs.

palette of colors

SW 6207

Add Dimension

Add Dimension

A soft yet saturated color, Retreat provides an inviting backdrop for oil-rubbed bronze accents, like our best-selling mantel mirror.

Dark Night
SW 6237

Create Contrast

Create Contrast

Offering elegant contrast, Dark Night is a deep blue hue that's ideal for showcasing our polished nickel or aged brass hardware.

SW 6171

Pair Neutrals

Pair Neutrals

As a neutral yet warm hue, Chatroom creates the perfect blank canvas to pair with our solid walnut furniture or sophisticated lighting.

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