Door Hardware: Practical Features and Elegant Designs for Your Home

When it comes to finding door hardware options for your home, look no further than Rejuvenation. We've got just what you need to cultivate and inspire your personal aesthetic, from your interior doors to your exterior doors and everything in between. Consider how you want your doors to look and whether you need pocket doors or additional door accessories, too.

Explore our featured door hardware collections and sets for more inspiration. See how coordinating your hardware pieces can bring sophisticated style and finesse to the overall look and feel of your home. From classic designs with beveled edges and soft curves to more streamlined pieces with arched details, from traditional styles featuring rolled edges to slim, modern hardware, we're confident you'll find what you need with us.

Types of Door Hardware

As you browse through the different hardware options available, start with interior door knobs, levers and sets. In our collection, you'll find interior options such as streamlined door pulls, octagonal or round door knobs and slim door levers. Interior door hardware is perfect for use in entryways, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Also falling under the interior door hardware category are pocket doors. Pocket door hardware options are perfect for when you're either tight on overall space or you want to reduce the clearance needed to open and close a hinged door. Pocket doors work well for pantries, powder rooms and walk-in closets.

Let your personal aesthetic shine from the moment you walk up to your front door with exterior door knobs, levers and sets. In addition to door knobs and door levers, you'll find other essential items, like deadbolts and door latches.

Don't forget to coordinate styles and finishes with door parts and accessories. Must-have parts include doorbell buttons and door stops. You'll find streamlined styles and sophisticated designs, from elegant lion-shaped door knockers to ornate steeple-tipped door hinges. Secure your front door with a deadbolt for additional safety and peace of mind.

Functions and Features of Door Hardware

From fabulous cutting-edge functionality to sleek and stylish hardware finishes, dive into the additional details of our door hardware as you finalize your selection. Bring efficiency to your home with our smart home technology options. Door hardware with smart home technology uses Bluetooth technology and a mobile app to make it easy to lock and unlock your front door. No key is required.

We also offer door hardware that's ADA-compliant. For ADA compliance, door hardware must be installed within a certain height, and it should be able to be operated with one hand. Additionally, the force required to open a door should be under five pounds. Don't know if a door lever or a door knob is compliant? Typically, ADA-compliant door hardware will include door levers (door knobs are not compliant). Browse our selection to find the one that's right for your needs.

Explore the different materials choices available. Solid brass offers durability. It's also a corrosion-resistant material, making it an ideal choice for exterior doors. Consider choosing an interior door knob detailed with porcelain or crystal for an elevated look. For something a little more modern, a door lever finished with brown walnut detail brings a warm touch to your door hardware.

Don't forget to consider hardware finishes. You'll find several different options, from shiny finishes to matte finishes. Narrow down your favorites by considering the color palette in your space. Choosing aged brass brings a golden hue to your door. Oil-rubbed bronze offers a rich, dark hue to your door, while polished nickel delivers a shiny silver look. Polished nickel is also more resistant to fingerprints and smudges than some other finishes.

Door hardware isn't just about finding a door knob or lever. It's also about finding the right parts and pieces to show off your traditional or contemporary style with the perfect materials and finishes that work with your space. It's all here at Rejuvenation.