Shop for Modern Door Lock Parts at Rejuvenation Today!

Like the icing on the cake, the selection of stylish door lock parts offered at Rejuvenation will make a bold and beautiful statement in your home. Available in popular design styles like mid-century modern, contemporary, minimalist and vintage-chic, all the parts and pieces to finish the look and enhance the security of your home are available. Most of the door hardware offered in this collection is equipped with Smart Home Technology compatible with your Android or iOS phone.

Our door lock parts are crafted of durable stainless steel and are available in finishes like brass, matte black, brushed nickel, chrome or copper to enhance the look of the interior and exterior of your home. Most of our door locks come with a Schlage C keyway with five-pin lock cylinder that can be re-keyed so that a professional locksmith can key your entry doors. Choose from door knobs or levers with attached deadbolt lock sets. At Rejuvenation, we make giving your home a facelift easy to do. While shopping, also check out our selection of lighting pieces and vintage-inspired decor.