Use Lamps to Brighten Any Space

A well-placed lamp can add functionality to your home as well as help set the mood. The right type of lighting can even help relax or energize you. Warm light creates a cozy setting, while cool light emits a fresh, clean glow. Different rooms require different types of lighting. Target specific areas you want illuminated rather than trying to light the entire space. The most important feature of any good lighting scheme is that it enhances your space. Browse this collection of lamps to find the right lighting fixtures for every room in your home.

Find the Right Type of Lighting

Lamps can be both practical and decorative. Before buying a new light fixture, consider its purpose and how it will be used. Popular uses include:

  • Accent lighting draws attention to certain areas or objects in the room. This could be a painting, mirror or a piece of furniture. Use lighting to shift focus and help set the mood.
  • Ambient lighting serves as the main source of light. Its purpose is to create a uniform level of light. It's typically soft and spread out around the room, making it perfect for day and nighttime settings.
  • Decorative lighting, as the name implies, is more for ornamentation rather than illumination. This type of lamp emits very little light and is more for setting the mood and adding visual interest to a space.
  • Task lighting provides extra illumination when completing a specific task. Desk and reading lights focus the light on a small area, illumining small details and reducing eye strain. Adjustable shades let you direct the light as needed.

Find Lamps For Every Room

From floor to ceiling, Rejuvenation offers a wide range of lighting fixtures.

  • Table lights provide direct light in one area and can go just about anywhere. Use one on your nightstand, desk or entryway table. When placed on a table, the shade should fall at eye level when you are seated and it should not extend beyond the edge of the table.
  • Floor lights can provide both ambient and task lighting. Use taller lights to illuminate a large area and similar to table lights, when sitting, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level.

Choose Your Style

Rejuvenation allows you to customize most of its lighting fixtures to suit your everyday needs. Options include bulb type, shade and fixture finish, height and arm options. Continue your lighting design as you move throughout your house.

  • Rejuvenation has chandeliers and pendant lights to light up entryways, dining rooms and kitchens.
  • Brighten dark hallways with wall sconces or take the light outdoors and brighten up a patio or walkway with landscape lighting.
  • Hang string lights along a fence or wall to illuminate your outdoor entertaining areas.
  • Coordinate your lighting fixtures with new hardware like knobs and pulls for cabinets, drawers and doors.

Style matters, but make sure the lighting fixtures you choose are going to provide the type of lighting you need for your home and daily life.