Get More Light with Floor Lamps

Floor lamps offer functional and stylish lighting without the additional need for ceiling or overhead lights. Rejuvenation offers a wide range of designs and styles. Pair your standing lamps with table lamps to create a cohesive lighting design that illuminates every area in your home. You can also match the finish to existing hardware for a polished look. Read this guide to find which light fixtures will best suit your needs and your home.

Create a Sophisticated Look

Floor lamps bring a practical aspect to a dim room. However, they can also serve as a focal point to enhance the aesthetic of the room. Similar to furniture or artwork, lighting fixtures can bring visual interest to spaces.

What Styles of Standing Lamps are Available?

Find modern to industrial styles in Rejuvenation's collection of floor lamps. There are endless styles of floor light fixtures, but a few types never go out of style.

  • Club floor lamps are the most basic and recognizable silhouette. They feature a solid base and a simple lampshade around a lightbulb.
  • Uplights, like torchère s or torch lights, feature a triangular shade that directs the light upwards towards the ceiling and helps light bigger rooms.
  • Swing arm floor lights have an adjustable arm that allows you to position the light right where you need it. These work well over a desk or armchair when reading, writing or sewing.
  • Arc lights are a mid-century modern staple. The long arcing body holds a lightbulb and shade and typically sits at the end of the sofa. These oversized light fixtures work well in larger spaces.

Decide on the Shade

Shades help direct the light, protect your eyes and set the overall tone of a space. When choosing a new floor light, it's important to know how its shade affects the light. Different bulbs and shades can cast types of light. Here are a few basics to remember about lampshades.

  • The shape of the lamp (round, square, or multiple shapes) should match the shape of the shade. Straight lamps should have a shade with straight edges, while curvy ones get rounded shades.
  • Light-colored fabric shades can help diffuse the light further. Darker shades funnel the light and make for a more dramatic statement.
  • The size of the shade should be proportional to the base. In general, a shade should be two-thirds the height of the lamp.
  • Metal lampshades bring a chic, contemporary vibe. These types of shades work best if you need to focus the light on a specific task, as the light won't diffuse as far as it does with a fabric shade.

Transform your home with new lighting fixtures from Rejuvenation.

  • Install track lighting in your basement, kitchen or living room. The adjustable pendants allow you direct and focus the light when and where you need it.
  • Use down lights in a cozy nook or in the entryway for a welcoming and soft glow.

Shop Rejuvenation's lighting collection today to get started.