Shop Portable Lighting at Rejuvenation

Portable lighting allows you to move your light fixture wherever and whenever you need it. Place them on a desk, nightstand, countertop or another work surface when you need a bit of extra light. The work lights in this portable lighting collection feature a range of sizes, styles and shapes to help you stay focused and on track.

What Types of Work Lights Are Available?

Task lights are used when extra lighting is needed during certain tasks like cooking, reading, writing and other detailed work. Key features of a good work light include clear, bright light that's easy to work beneath, as well as an adjustable neck or swivel arm that can accommodate a variety of tasks. Many desk lamps have a metal shade that creates a focused beam of light that produces minimal glare. This reduces eye strain and eliminate distracting shadows.

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Track lights are another form of task lighting. This lighting method features multiple lights attached to a continuous track. In the home, they are typically installed above a mantle, kitchen island or in the hallway.

Customize your new lighting fixture by choosing the finish, shade material and shade shape to suit your needs.