Planting pop-up with Pistils Nursery

May 04

10:00am - 2:00pm

Join us for a pop-up and free workshop with our friends from Pistils Nursery this Saturday at our Portland store. Pistils will be selling plants, providing expert guidance on plant care, and leading a FREE workshop on how to care for some of their most popular house plants.

Find the perfect vessel for your plant with one of our planters—on sale for 20% off during the pop-up. Plus we'll have tools and staff on-site to help you pot your plants!

Refreshments + snacks will be served.

WORKSHOP DETAILS | 11:30am-12pm
A condensed introduction on how to care for some of Pistil's most popular house plants. We'll go over soils and potting tips, light and water requirements for your plants, as well as how to identify the best location in your home to place each kind of plant. Plus, we'll briefly touch on how to spot trouble, and what to do about it.


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