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Push-Button Dimmer

No Longer Available
  • Our Push-Button Dimmer, along with our antique-reproduction switchplates and coverplates, complements your finishes and furnishings – and lets you adjust lighting intensity according to your mood. Push-button switches were installed in homes as early as 1891, and were the most popular type of switch through the 1920s. Though they were eventually phased out by the toggle switch in 1950s, there has been a resurgence of interest in using push buttons again.


    • Two dimmers will not fit side-by-side in an electrical box.
    • You can control the lights on a fan fixture with these switches, but not the fan speed.
    • Complete the look with heavy-duty forged-brass Lewis Switchplates.
    • Dimmer functionality
    • UL listed
    • 120 volts/600 watts


    • Not all LED bulbs and fixtures are dimmable, and some "dimmable" LEDs will be incompatible with our switches.
    • When dimming multiple bulbs with one dimmer switch, all bulbs have to be the same dimmable bulb from the same manufacturer.
    • We observed the best results pairing this dimmer switch with CREE dimmable LED bulbs. These bulbs had smooth dimming throughout the dimming range, as low as 15% brightness, where other bulbs stopped dimming around 25% brightness.
    • We successfully tested bulbs from Utilitech, Phillips, Sylvania, EarthLED, and Fiet Electric. Customers have used our dimmers with LED bulbs and fixtures from Maxlite, Luminous, Halo, Nora Lighting, Juno, and DiodeLED. If you are uncertain of compatibility, we recommend you order a single dimmer and test it with the fixture you would like to use.