Brighten Your Space With Bathroom Sconces

In every room of the home, the lighting should reflect the function of your space. In some rooms, you need bright illumination and task lighting. Other spaces call for more ambient lighting. Some rooms, including the bathroom, call for a bit of both. In the bathroom, ceiling lighting provides the illumination you need to get ready for your day. Other layered lighting options, including wall sconces, can deliver additional lighting to the room. These sconces can be used without overhead lighting to offer softer lighting for early mornings and late evenings. In this Rejuvenation collection, discover the lighting you need for your bathroom. These bathroom sconces deliver both beauty and function. Read on to learn more as you shop for statement-making lighting for your bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Sconces

Bathroom sconces are available in various styles, allowing you to find the right one for your room's layout. Consider these options as you explore this Rejuvenation collection:

  • Single sconces can be positioned on any wall in the bathroom. Place two sconces alongside the vanity, or add a sconce to a dimly lit corner or near the shower to bring extra illumination into the room. These sconces are available in various styles, making it easy to find one that's right for your bathroom. Discover single sconces with glass globes that showcase the vintage bulb inside or styles featuring sleek metal shades. Or, check out a tube-style sconce that can hang vertically on the wall.
  • Double sconces bring even more brightness into the bathroom. Like single-light varieties, they're versatile enough to be used anywhere. Double sconces can hang vertically or horizontally on your wall and feature both glass and metal shades.
  • For ample illumination, opt for a three-light sconce. These fixtures work well as vanity lights mounted above your mirror. They'll provide directed lighting to the vanity, which is much needed when you're getting ready every day. Triple sconces extend horizontally on your wall, helping to illuminate the mirror and vanity below it. Like other bathroom sconces, these triple sconces are available in a variety of designs.

Versatile Finishes

Once you've decided which sconce size and style works for your bathroom, it's time to select a finish. The wall sconces in this Rejuvenation collection come in various versatile finishes. Consider the hardware and other finishes in your bathroom to create a coordinated look throughout. You can find metallic options, including aged brass, brushed nickel, burnished antique and oil-rubbed bronze. Or, opt for a classic black or white finish that will coordinate with your space.

Shop Rejuvenation for all of your home lighting needs. For an instant update to your bathroom, consider these bathroom sconces. They don't just add function and illumination to your room. They also help define your style and elevate the look of the space. Give your bathroom a refresh with new lighting available at Rejuvenation.