Track Lighting for Modern Illumination

Conserve space and impart a sleek, modern look with track lighting. This type of lighting is streamlined and versatile. It's also adjustable and highly customizable to suit your space.

What Is Track Lighting?

Track lighting is comprised of a rail and lights, which are moveable up and down the rack. You can adjust the lights to suit your needs, and you can combine tracks for more length. This lighting type has an ultra-modern look but it's still easy to integrate into rustic or traditional interior design styles.

Rejuvenation has a Track Lighting Section that you can order in a 4' or 8' length. There are different colors that may be available, including black, white, and metallic finishes. These fixtures are made from sturdy materials including extruded aluminum and injection-molded polycarbonate. Each mounting hole is equipped with insulated bushings, a measure that helps prevent shorting.

Once you've chosen your preferred track, it's time to choose your light fixtures. The Paige Collection of track lights have a dome-shaped shade that comes in multiple finishes. It's also adjustable for targeted illumination. Another modern choice is the Palo Alto Track Light Pendant. This two-tone globe design is exclusive to Rejuvenation and comes in several finish options.

Another adjustable fixture is the Conifer Directional Track Light Pendant. You can move the arm to direct the light where you need it most. As its name suggests, this style was inspired by the majestic forests of the Pacific Northwest. It matches other pieces in the Conifer Lighting Collection and is assembled in Portland.

A similar style is Cypress, which has a tapered mid-century silhouette. Like the Conifer style, this track light fixture matches others from the same collection. Plus, it adjusts for targeted light. Finish options include white, oil-rubbed bronze or brushed satin.

Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Track lighting is just one type of lighting available at Rejuvenation. There's a stylish range of chandeliers, including mod bare-bulb styles and one-of-a-kind antiques. Tiered chandeliers in a sleek, modern style are another option for entryways, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Pendant lights are another modern lighting option. You can hang a single pendant for a minimalist look or several in a row for more light. Pendant lights rated for kitchen use are a functional, fashionable option for above the kitchen island or breakfast-nook bistro table.

Antique and Vintage Lighting

Another option is an antique lamp, chandelier or pendant. Rejuvenation has unique vintage pieces with a selection that changes often. Whether you want a piece from the 1960s or a Classic Revival lighting fixture from the '20s, you may find what you're looking for. The antiques in every furniture and decor category are one-of-a-kind pieces, and there's often only one.

If you like the idea of combining lighting types, you could have track lighting in the kitchen and a statement chandelier in the living room. Explore the selection of track lights and other lighting solutions at Rejuvenation to find the fixtures that fit your aesthetic. Coordinate your lighting with modern sofas, chairs, rugs and decorative objects for a look that fits your aesthetic.