Welcome Layered Lighting With Wall Lights

Your home lighting design includes various fixtures, including statement-making chandeliers, dazzling pendants and useful track lighting. When you create a lighting scheme considering your room's function and your illumination needs, you can add both practicality and style to your space. In this Rejuvenation collection, discover versatile wall lights that you can add to any room of the home. Learn more about wall lighting options, including sconces, available at Rejuvenation.

Types of Wall Lights

Rejuvenation light fixtures include a variety of wall sconce options. Consider these styles as you shop for a fixture that complements your home:

  • Single light sconces are sleek options that are easy to incorporate into any room of the home. You can find styles featuring metal shades, which help deliver targeted lighting above a bed or desk. Other fixtures include a glass shade that showcases the vintage-inspired bulb inside. Or, opt for a sconce with a classic linen shade that lends a traditional touch to your space.
  • Bring even more illumination into your space with a double wall sconce. These double sconces come in many styles, including tube-inspired designs that you can hang vertically or horizontally on your walls. Swing arm sconces feature two shaded lights at different heights. Or, discover a double sconce featuring sturdy metal shades, perfect for hanging above a vanity.
  • Triple sconces feature a trio of lights designed to brighten your space. They work well on spacious walls and can offer directed lighting above a mirror or vanity. Like other wall sconces, these three-light fixtures are available in several designs, including sturdy metal fixtures with glass shades.
  • Picture lights are designed to be mounted above a favorite work of art to illuminate it. These sleek lights enhance your favorite decor and make it an eye-catching piece on your walls.

Finishes and Accents

These light fixtures are available in versatile finishes that are easy to coordinate with your home. Discover metallic finishes, such as brass, oil-rubbed bronze, polished nickel and polished copper. Matte white and matte black sconces are also available and are incredibly versatile in any space. Consider the finishes of other fixtures in your space to create a coordinated look that you love.

How to Use Wall Lights

This lighting style can bring extra illumination into every room of the home. They work alongside overhead fixtures to offer added brightness when you need it. You can also use these lights alone to welcome ambient lighting into your space.

Wall lights are incredibly versatile options, working well in many spaces, including:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Home offices
  • Living rooms
  • Entryways

Give your home an update with new lighting from Rejuvenation. Wall sconces and picture lights complement your current lighting design and elevate the look of your space. Find a style you love that suits your design preferences. While you're here, look for other ways to enhance your home lighting with lamps perfect for every room of the home. Shop Rejuvenation to discover wall lighting and so much more.