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Descanso Disposal Switch

  • $165 - $268
  • It's all in the details – especially when it comes to the finishing touches on your kitchen hardware. The Descanso Disposal Switch Kit matches the industrial design of our Descanso faucet and dispensers, offering an ideal option for coordinating your kitchen style. This kit features an air activation switch and a control box with dual outlets for effortless operation.

    Our handcrafted plumbing is created in partnership with companies a lot like our own. Based in Huntington Beach, California Faucets have designed, assembled, and finished all their own parts since 1988. We worked closely with them on this collection to bring you the finest fittings available.

    Details You'll Appreciate

    • Includes air activation switch
    • Control box features dual outlets

    Product Specifications

    • Solid brass trim
    • One outlet is always "on" except when air switch is activated
    • Ships direct from vendor
    • Assembled in the USA of domestic and imported parts