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Hamilton 13 Drawer Type Cabinet Circa 1920S

No Longer Available
  • J. Edward Hamilton founded the Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company in Two Rivers, Wisconsin in 1880. Initially producing wooden type for newspapers and printing firms, the company soon branched out into manufacturing of type cabinets and other printing and drafting furniture, becoming a giant in the field in an era when print was king. Hamilton's beautifully utilitarian designs make a striking addition to any space, whether fulfilling their original purpose or creatively reimagined.

    Details You'll Appreciate

    • Circa 1920
    • Historical Style: Industrial

    Condition Notes

    • All of our antique and vintage furniture and decor pieces are restored in our Portland, Oregon restoration shop
    • Whenever possible we preserve original surfaces, testing all painted pieces for lead content and clear coating to seal and preserve as necessary
    • Joints, welds, and closures are tested and repaired as needed
    • See photos for condition details