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Vintage Streamline Moderne Simmons Raw Steel Dresser

  • $1,999
  • Durable and fireproof, the Simmons Manufacturing Company was best known for making pressed steel furnishings in styles popular during the 1920s and 1930s. Originally designed for use in hospitals, when they survive to today, they rarely maintain their original finish. Our Simmons offerings have been carefully restored by our team of experts in our Portland restoration studio; where they are stripped to reveal the raw steel below and often maintain their original hardware.

    Details You'll Appreciate

    • Circa 1940
    • Historical Style: Art Deco

    Condition Notes

    • All of our antique and vintage furniture and décor pieces are restored in our Portland, Oregon restoration shop.
    • Whenever possible we preserve original surfaces, testing all painted pieces for lead content and clear coating to seal and preserve as necessary.
    • Joints, welds, and closures are tested and repaired as needed.
    • See photos for condition details.