Refresh Your Space with Updated Wall Hardware

If you're looking for an easy, low-risk way to update the look and feel of your home, swapping out wall or cabinet hardware is a great option. Those focused on updating the kitchen or bathroom will find that changing drawer pulls or cabinet knobs can have a big impact. Outside of the kitchen and bathroom, adding or updating wall hardware like shelving, hooks or luxe-looking switchplates can make a dramatic statement.

Functional and Decorative Hardware for Your Walls

Wall hardware is a broad term that includes a wide range of products. Everything from hooks and racks to shelving and switchplates can be categorized as wall hardware. Rejuvenation's collection includes a variety of organizational and storage essentials like hooks, hook rail systems, floating shelves and shelf brackets as well as outlet and light switch covers, which are both decorative and functional.

Most of us could benefit from a bit of additional storage space, and there's no question that having a place for everything goes a long way toward cutting down on clutter. Rejuvenation offers an array of hooks, hook racks and shelves that will help to keep workspaces in your kitchen, pantry, office and garage clean and functional. While these items obviously fulfill the necessary function of keeping your space tidy, they also act as decor, adding visual interest to your walls. Available in a variety of finishes and materials, Rejuvenation's versatile wall hardware has something for every space. Here are just a few of the available options:

  • Pebbled 9 Hook Rack - This contract-grade hook rack features a striking steel and solid wood construction in the Northwest modern design style. The steel structure has nine hooks, each topped with a solid wood finial in either white oak or walnut. Also available in a seven-hook style.
  • Holgate Shelf Set - Industrial-inspired steel rails provide the perfect contrast for the walnut or white oak shelves in this striking storage unit. With a versatile, modular design and a sleek, contemporary look, the Holgate is a modern addition to any space.
  • Hyland Triple Swivel Hook - With a sleek silhouette and three swiveling hooks that store flat when not in use, the Hyland offers versatile storage with lots of practical uses. Hang one in the kitchen for tea towels and pot holders, or group a few together in the entry of a mudroom.
  • Floating Wood Shelf - Add lots of space for storage or display with one or more of these simple floating shelves. You can choose from walnut, white oak, white ash and black ash and select the length and width combination that fits your space. Depending on the size you choose, your floating shelf will hold anywhere from 26 to 44 pounds.

While hooks and shelves provide much-needed storage, switchplates do something equally important - they keep dangerous and unsightly wires out of reach and out of sight. While a standard plastic switchplate will do the job, opting for something more distinctive will elevate the overall look of your home and help to reinforce your design choices. For example, Rejuventation's Fenton Collection of switchplates features a streamlined design with crisp 90° angles and flush-to-plate screws that will perfectly accent a contemporary aesthetic. If your taste and design preferences are more traditional, the Lewis Collection features a wide range of solid brass switchplates with traditional beveled edges. Both collections are available in a variety of finishes and configurations, so you'll have no trouble finding exactly what you need.