Window Hardware Options for Your Home

Define your window aesthetic with Rejuvenation's hardware options. Here you'll find a variety of window hardware available. Choose drapery rod sets to ensure your curtain panels are securely fastened or durable sash lifts that make it easy for you to slide your window open. Casement window locks keep windows securely closed.

Dive into our selection and choose the essentials you need. Discover sleek, elegant finishes to suit your design aesthetic while bringing classic style front and center with the durability that modern hardware can provide.

What are the Different Types of Window Hardware Available?

When it comes to choosing window hardware options, first consider what items you need and how they function to complete the overall safety and security of your window treatment.

  • Drapery rod set. Drapery rods hold curtain panels. Our selection includes double drapery rods and adjustable drapery rods. Look for accessories like pivot corner brackets that allow you to secure rods at corner windows or bay windows.
  • Sash lift. A sash lift makes it easy for you to slide your window open. In general, it's recommended that you install two sash lifts per window.
  • Sash lock. Our bevel sash locks bring classic style to the overall design of your window while also securely locking your window when it is shut. Our sash locks are made to fit double-pane windows.
  • Casement window stays. Casement window stays hold casement windows securely in place whether the window is open or shut. If you mount the swivel end of the casement closer to the window hinge, the window will be able to open wider. Test before installation to determine the right fit for your needs.
  • Casement window lock. A casement window lock is made for a pair of in/out swing sashes. These locks can be used on windows as well as in lieu of some cabinet hardware options on cabinet or pantry doors. These locks can be installed on either the right or the left.
  • Other accessories. A transom latch secures a transom window over a door. Curtain ring clips help protect drapery rods by clipping directly to your curtains.

Features and Finishes: Designing Your Window Space

After you've settled on what window hardware pieces you need, dive into choosing what features and finishes you want. Many of our drapery rods come in adjustable lengths with telescopic poles to ensure a perfect fit with the size of your window. From straight drapery rods to streamlined curved rods, you're sure to find the right one with us.

Many of our drapery rods have distinctive finial styles. Explore options with textured ring detail or mid-century modern flourishes. Our sash lifts and sash locks feature designs that can seamlessly integrate into either a modern or a traditional design aesthetic.

At Rejuvenation, discover luxe finishes that bring vintage inspiration to your window as well as timeless themes that work with any decor. Choose from options like aged brass, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and burnished antique. If you're including wall hardware or cabinet hardware near your window, think about choosing complementary finishes to give a coordinated look to your space.

Finally, as you narrow down which window hardware pieces you need, think about the overall design aesthetic you want. After choosing curtain panels with your desired color, fabric and textural elements to pair with your drapery rod, consider the space around your window. Depending on how much blank wall space you have, incorporating one of our wallpaper designs can finish the overall look with a pop of rich visual interest.