Brighten your space with customizable pendants—discover new and bestselling must-have designs.

Find Elegant Customizable Pendant Lighting Fixtures Online at Rejuvenation Today

Good lighting is often overlooked in your average home. The fact is that great lighting is a must if you really want an inspiring space that's designer approved. Our pending lighting fixtures are an excellent pick for dining rooms, kitchens, hallways and more. Find a wide range of customizable lighting styles online at Rejuvenation today.

Browse Our Single Bulb Pendant Light Fixtures Online

Bring any space to life and add much-needed lighting with one of our single-bulb pendants. Here are a few of the different looks available today:

  • Clear and frosted glass pendant lighting fixtures. A go-to choice for modern homes, our pendants with clear and frosted glass shades come in tons of styles and sizes to fit every room. Go for a simple round style, spruce up your space with a special square shade or opt for a mood-enhancing frosted glass globe pendant for a Mid-Century Modern bedroom.
  • Pendant lights with fabric shades. If you prefer a more traditional or vintage-inspired look in your home, you'll love our pendant lights with fabric shades. These pendants also look seriously stylish in formal dining rooms where you want a little extra luxury and softness. Brass, antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze styles are among our most popular picks.
  • Exposed bulb pendants. Let your light shine bright with a modern exposed bulb pendant from our collection. These styles look especially smart with decorative Edison-type bulbs with an exposed filament. Exposed bulb pendants can provide lots of light, taking the place of bigger fixtures like chandeliers with ease.

Shop Large Multi-Bulb Pendants For Large Rooms

Single bulb pendants can help illuminate a specific part of any room, like that spot over your two-seat bar in the kitchen. Bigger spaces like long bars and dining tables need more lighting though. While you can combine multiple single-bulb designs, multi-bulb pendant lighting fixtures provide a look that many designers love. Look for these multi-bulb pendant lighting fixtures online:

  • Linear multi-bulb pendants. Utilizing multiple bulbs in a linear configuration, these pendants are a brilliant buy for placing over dining tables, countertops or bar areas since they provide even lighting over a longer space. Not sure what style to pick for your space? Our Mid-Century designs fit right in with more modern and retro-inspired decor. Our black and oil-rubbed bronze pendants are especially popular.
  • Double pendant designs. Don't need an extra-large linear multi-bulb pendant for your dining table or bar area? Opt for a smaller double pendant with two bulbs instead. You can even use two double pendants next to each other for a unique look. Wire them to separate switches or a double switch for even more control over your lighting scheme.
  • Sculptural designs. Multi-bulb pendants aren't always just about providing more light over a bigger area. Sculptural designs utilize multiple bulbs to create showstopping styles that make a statement. Of course, they also provide the lighting you need, so our sculptural designs are for more than just decoration. These pendants come in many of our standard finishes like brass, antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed satin, customize yours to match your decor.

Refine your lighting scheme or build a brand new space around new hanging light fixtures from Rejuvenation. With tons of traditional, vintage-inspired, and modern designs in stock, we've got pendant lighting fixtures to fit every size space. Don't forget to check out our collection of other lighting pieces like sconces, chandeliers, flush mounts and track lighting while you're browsing with us.