Serving Trays and Bowls for Your Entertaining Collection

Whether preparing for a dinner party or an everyday family meal, you'll need a few key pieces to serve your dishes. The serving trays at Rejuvenation come in a range of shapes, colors, and materials to suit every meal and table look. Other serving essentials, like bowls, are also available to round out your entertaining collection.

Serving trays and platters are typically rectangular, but round and oval options are also available for a softer look. They use materials like durable ceramic stoneware or high-quality walnut hardwood. Some have a more natural look, while others feature one-of-a-kind patterns that will really stand out. Their raised edges allow you to transport drinks, appetizers, desserts and more from the kitchen to the dining room with ease. They also make excellent catch-all trays for kitchen countertops, coffee tables or bedroom dressers. Matching serveware bowls are also available and can be displayed on a wall shelf or used to serve food at the dining room table.

Shop for serveware at Rejuvenation to enhance your entertaining collection. Choose from various stoneware or hardwood bowls and platters in natural finishes or with eye-catching patterned designs. Use them to serve food or as a fun display item.