Shop Our Complete Lineup of New and Vintage Rugs at Rejuvenation Today

The right rug can elevate your entry area, bring your bedroom to life and make your family room feel more comfortable in seconds. Finding the right rug isn't always easy though, especially if you have a specific style in mind. Spaces that require a unique rug size can also be tricky to buy for.

At Rejuvenation, we've got a range of options including new area rugs, vintage styles, runners, indoor/outdoor options and doormats available right now. Find the style you love and add one of our timeless rug designs to your home today.

Browse High-Quality Area Rugs For Every Room in Your Home

Area rugs from Rejuvenation are made to match your lifestyle. That's why we've got hand-knotted designs, recycled rug styles, natural fiber rug options and more in our inventory. Look for these different area rug designs while you're browsing with us:

  • Wool rug styles. A classic pick for nearly any space, our wool rug designs come in an array of sizes and color schemes to match your room. Wool rug designs are made to be durable and last for many years even in relatively high-traffic spaces.
  • Hand-knotted options. Going for a rug that's truly breathtaking and one of a kind? Our hand-knotted rug options are made for formal spaces and designer homes where top-tier style is a must. Look for extra-large hand-knotted rug options to fill spacious living rooms and add incredible depth to formal dining rooms.
  • Natural fiber options. Made from materials like jute and sisal, our natural fiber rug designs come in a range of neutral colors that will blend in with your decor right away. Jute, sisal and seagrass rugs are also extremely strong, so they can stand up to kids, pets and heavy foot traffic with ease.
  • Recycled material designs. Add some style to your space while doing something good for the planet with one of our rug designs made from recycled materials. Our flatweave rug options made from recycled materials are especially popular for shoppers with hardwood floors.

Shop Our Vintage Rug Collection For a Well-Loved Style

Picking out a brand new rug for your living room, family room or master bedroom is a smart way to get a piece you know will last a lifetime. Vintage rugs from our collection bring tried-and-true style and retro flair to your room. Many of our customers love the lived-with look too. Here are some of the vintage rug options you can shop for at Rejuvenation:

  • Area rug options. With an ever-changing inventory of true vintage designs, we've got gorgeous Turkish, Native American, Persian and more modern designs in stock all the time. Check back often to find the rug that fits your design scheme if you don't see one that works for you today.
  • Runners. Available in a wide range of different widths and lengths, our vintage runners are a remarkable way to add retro style to your entry area or hallway. You can even use retro runners in the kitchen if they're not in your food prep zone.

Add One of Our Runners to Warm Up Any Space

Ideal for hallways, kitchens and staircases, our runners are made to add warmth, style and a soft feel to narrow spaces. You can find a range of different styles for traditional, transitional and modern spaces online right now:

  • Wool and hand-knotted runners. A smart pick for adult-friendly spaces, our elegant wool and hand-knotted runners can't be beat if you're looking for true designer-inspired style. Shop for vintage looks, modern designs and classic Turkish, Persian and Native American runners online today. We've got styles with and without fringe.
  • Flatweave runners. Thinner and designed for high-traffic areas, our flatweave runners are an excellent choice for family hallways and interior entryways. Like our wool and hand-knotted styles, these runners come in tons of colors, patterns, lengths and widths to match your needs.

Opt For a Durable Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Rough and tumble spaces like sun rooms, family rooms and areas where kids and pets tend to play require a rug that will last. Our indoor/outdoor rug designs are perfect for active spaces and areas that get tons of sun. Look for these indoor/outdoor rug options online:

  • Traditional looks. Extend the look of your interior outdoors with one of our traditional look indoor/outdoor rug designs. Turkish and Persian rug options are among our most popular since the bold, beautiful patterns add tons of excitement to your porch, patio or deck. We've also got runner-size indoor/outdoor rug options for balconies and walkways.
  • Modern styles. Prefer a more modern look in your sun room or on the deck? Our modern indoor/outdoor rug designs come in a range of geometric patterns and color schemes including bright white, bold black and two and three-tone stripes. We've even got dark-colored rugs that can hide dirt and clean up in seconds if you have a very active lifestyle. Our large indoor/outdoor designs look especially good under one of our modern outdoor sofas or dining tables.

Style Entry Points With One of Our Doormats

A durable doormat is sure to add some style to your front door, back door or porch or patio entrance. Doormats also help keep mud, dirt and debris out of your home. Here are some of the doormats we've got in our current lineup:

  • Classic coir doormats. Crafted to last for many years, our classic coir doormats add serious style to your entry area while helping keep your home clean. We've got plain styles, geometric patterns and striped options in stock. Extra-large styles are available for homes with a large front door and entry area.
  • Rugged rope doormats. A more modern take on the coir doormat, our rugged rope doormats come in a few different colors, giving you more design options when it comes to your home's entry area. Neutral rope doormats in fog and sand and more colorful options like slate gray and navy are in stock now.

Add texture, color and a soft feel underfoot with one of our new or vintage rug designs today. Our indoor/outdoor rug options and patio-ready all-weather designs are also available in tons of looks, patterns and sizes right now. You can even get rug swatches delivered to your doorstep so you can see examples in your home with your decor.