Vintage Patio Furniture for a Timeless Style Upgrade

Adding vintage charm to your outdoor living spaces is easy with the vintage patio furniture available at Rejuvenation. These authentic pieces are carefully restored by the experts at our Portland, Ore., restoration shop to preserve as many original details as possible. Browse for a new table and chair set for your backyard, balcony or other outdoor area.

The vintage outdoor furniture collection includes must-have pieces for backyard dining areas, like patio chairs and outdoor dining tables. Vintage dining furniture for indoor spaces is also available separately. The outdoor pieces are typically crafted of materials like weathered wood and antique iron. The authentic wear patterns preserved in each piece tell the story of their past life, adding charm that can't be replicated with modern furniture. You can enhance your vintage patio furniture with antique decor items, like restored planters and plant stands.

Shop for vintage outdoor furniture at Rejuvenation to add timeless vintage charm to your backyard living area. Choose from a selection of carefully restored dining chairs and tables. Then, add vintage decor items to complete your outdoor dining transformation.