Mid-Century Modern Home Furnishings

Update your space with Mid-Century Modern furniture and decor. This period is loosely defined as the time between the mid-1940s and late 1960s. The design style is characterized by sleek, minimalist shapes with mod touches. Rejuvenation has a regularly changing selection of vintage furniture from this and other design eras. Check the new arrivals section to see what's recently arrived and browse the sale category for clearance deals.

Mid-Century Modern Home Furniture

When shopping for new furniture from the Mid-Century design era, chairs are a good place to start. Mid-Century chairs are typically crafted from solid wood, with tapered legs and a simple silhouette. Although most of the antiques at Rejuvenation are one-of-a-kind finds, you might come across a matching chair set from this time period. Create a modern breakfast nook or reading area with a Mid-Century side table, chair set, and woven tapestry. You can add an overhead light or a table lamp for illumination.

For example, a pair of reupholstered Tarm Stole armchairs are a potential find. Like other antiques needing restoration, upholstered chairs and sofas are restored in our Portland, Oregon, Antiques & Vintage shop. When we restore a piece from any design era—such as Mid-Century or Victorian to name just two—great care is taken to keep the item as close to its original shape as possible. That's why, although a piece might have new seat cushions and upholstery, the wood frame may show distressed areas from age and wear.

Mid-Century Home Lighting

Another mid-century vintage treasure to look for at Rejuvenation is a light fixture. There are table lamps from this design period, such as double-arm gooseneck lamps and desk lamps. These sturdy lights are typically crafted from polished brass or other enduring metals. Rejuvenation rewires and restores all antique lights to safe working order while leaving the finish as authentic as possible.

For a bold, dramatic look, a modern chandelier is always a good choice. Mid-Century Modern chandeliers come in various styles for the entryway or even the bedroom. Pendant lights can also impart illumination and drama to any space, such as the areas above your dining table or kitchen island. Some Mid-Century era pendant lights have a distinctively modern look, with cone-shaped shades crafted from aluminum.

Mid-Century Modern Wall Hangings

There's always room for a Mid-Century wall accent. Whether Mid-Century Modern is the design theme for the room, a wall hanging from this period can impart vibrant flair. A neon clock is one example of a wall piece you may find available. There are solid wood mirrors from the Mid-Century era, which you can coordinate with chairs, coffee tables, side tables ,and other furniture pieces.

Explore the selection of Mid-Century Modern furniture and decor at Rejuvenation. The selection is ever-changing, so check back often for new finds. If you see something you like, it's a good idea to act quickly. The vintage pieces at Rejuvenation are not only authentic but also usually one-of-a-kind.