Shelving and Shelf Brackets for Storage and Display

Shelving is an essential element in just about every room in your home. Shelves add essential storage space and visual interest to walls, making them the quintessential piece of functional decor. Rejuvenation's collection of shelving includes shelf brackets, floating shelves and modular shelving units. Of course, for larger areas where you need more storage, you might opt for a bookshelf instead of individual shelves. Your shelving and storage needs will vary from room to room, so you may find that you will need floating shelves in one room, shelves with brackets in another and a bookshelf in another. Fortunately, Rejuvenation makes it easy to get what you need, and their collections of complementary pieces ensure that your home feels cohesive and functional.

Floating Versus Bracketed Shelves

When deciding what type of shelving is right for your space, you'll want to consider how you'll use the shelves -- for storage, display or some combination thereof. You'll also want to think about your home's aesthetic and the other design elements in the room. Floating shelves are a great choice for more minimalist spaces, and depending on the size and style, these delicate-looking shelves can hold a surprising amount of weight. If you're after a more traditional look, you'll want to opt for shelf brackets. Unlike floating shelves, which have no visible means of support, brackets allow you to create a custom look by selecting both the shelf material and the material and style of the supporting brackets. Since the brackets and shelf are separate pieces, it's easy to refresh the look of your space by swapping out one or the other. Rejuvenation's collection of wall hardware includes shelving ledges, shelf bracket sets, and standalone single, double and even triple shelf options in a variety of finishes. Here are just a few of the floating shelves, brackets and modular shelving units available at Rejuvenation:

  • Floating Wood Shelf - Available in nine sizes and four finishes, this understated floating shelf comes with concealed mounting hardware. You can choose from walnut, white oak, and white or black ash wood, making it easy for these shelves to blend with your existing decor. Depending on the length and width you select, this shelf has a weight capacity of anywhere from 26 to 44 pounds.
  • Holgate Shelf Set - Industrial-inspired steel rails provide the perfect contrast for the walnut or white oak shelves in this striking shelving unit. With a versatile, modular design and a sleek, contemporary look, the Holgate is a stylish addition to any space. This sturdy shelving unit is 32 inches wide, 36 inches tall and 12 inches deep.
  • Multi Triple Shelf Bracket - Crafted from solid brass, these multi-shelf brackets add a touch of glamour and a whole lot of storage space. The brackets are available in an oil-rubbed bronze or an aged brass finish and offer a customizable storage option for your kitchen, living room or office. The brackets feature crisp, clean lines that pair well with a variety of design styles, and they can be used with both 8- and 10-inch-deep shelves. Also available in single and double shelf styles.
  • American Walnut Shelf - Available in 2-, 3- and 4-foot widths, this 1-inch-thick shelf is made from solid American walnut and is sure to make a striking statement when paired with any of Rejuvenation's brackets. Choose from 8-inch- and 10-inch-deep options.